Twisted Tailor

Specialising in creative knitwear, Saori weaving and unique handspun yarns made from wool, natural, local fibres, and recycled materials.

Combining knitwear with Saori weaving to create one of a kind garments - clothes & accessories designed to be worn in many ways.

Workshops for children to adults in the joyful art of Saori weaving, creative spinning, giant and mini knitting, talks and demonstrations available at The Saori Shed.


The Saori Shed

The Saori Shed weaving studio promotes freestyle weaving with no rules or restrictions. Saori is an art form in which we express our true selves in weaving. There are no mistakes, no patterns to follow. Weavers just weave what they want to with complete freedom and creativity. The studio has three Saori weaving looms set up ready for you to come and weave-see the website for more details.